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  1. The Death Penalty on Death Row: A Discussion Of The Legal And Moral Issues Surrounding The Death Penalty In The Republic Of Ghana And The UnitedStates of America. April 2001
  2. South African Competition Laws – A Concise Expose. June 2001
  3. The Effect of U.S. Import and Export Laws on The Sudan and Afghanistan. June 2001.
  4. Marriage Matters – An Expose on the Marital Laws of Ghana and the USA: A Private International Law Perspective. May 2004.
  5. Marital Rights of Spouses in the Republic of Ghana. August 2004
  6. Employment Discrimination – The Rights of the Worker in the U.S.A. August 2004.
  7. Seminar – Doing Business Globally – The African Perspective. Presented at The Case Western Reserve School of Law; June 2001.