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Statement of Competencies

Introduction To The Lex Mater

The Lex Mater is a different species of a Law Firm. It is a league of experienced lawyers and law scholars who have pledged their services towards the provision of sterling legal services.  The firm was established in June, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. It is currently registered and headquartered in Ghana. It chiefly offers integrated corporate law counsel and representation under the auspices of a team of lawyers and law scholars.

The Lex Mater has among its ranks, legal practitioners who have rich education and legal experience in the UK, the USA, Canada as well as here in Ghana. We have lawyers educated in Harvard Law School, Queens College, and Case Western Reserve Law School. We also have lawyers who have worked in first-rate world class firms like White & Case LLP in Washington DC and in New York, the Lubrizol Corporation among others.

Our league of lawyers who are active in their various areas of practice are committed to offering their expertise toward the achievement of the corporate goal of The Lex Mater. Our goal is to offer sincere, sterling, prompt and competitive legal services; this is what we strive to achieve for all our clients.

The Lex Mater has 84 years of combined Legal practice experience.